JiMMY! Keto Protein Bar, Keto Friendly, Blueberry Nut, 12 Count - Energy Bar with Low Net Carb, Low Sugar, Gluten Free

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You never have to choose between super nutritious and totally delicious: JiMMYBAR clean protein bars just beg to be devoured. With no preservatives or artificial crap, and a taste so good you’ll be left begging for more… It's time to JiMMYBAR your day.


Keto Protein Bars

Are you a little keto curious? Do you feel it's hard to maintain a ketogenic diet as life gets busy? With Jimmy’s keto protein bars you will be able to take your protein on the go and eat keto foods throughout the day to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Accomplishing goals feels good and Jimmy bars are here to help make those goals a reality!
  • LOW SUGAR, LOW NET CARB PROTEIN BARS TO SUPPORT KETO DIET: JiMMY! Keto Protein Bars are great for anyone on a low carb, keto diet. Our nutritious protein bars contain 15g of fat, just 5g of net carbs and make the perfect low carb snack. This means JiMMY! Keto Protein bars provide an energy boost without the crash. Go the distance in your workouts or your busy lifestyle!
  • AMAZING TASTING KETO PROTEIN BARS: JiMMY! Keto Protein Bars are regarded as the best tasting protein keto bars on the market today! JiMMY! Keto Protein bars do not taste chalky, or artificial like other protein bar brands. JiMMY! Keto Bars are the perfect healthy snack to satisfy hunger without losing out on amazing taste!
  • FUNCTIONAL HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB SNACK: JiMMY! Keto Protein Bars provide low net carb content. They are grain and gluten free as well! Making it the perfect pre workout snack or post workout recovery
  • CONVENIENT ON-THE-GO PROTEIN BAR: JiMMY! Keto Protein bars fit perfectly in your pocket, or purse, making them a fantastic option for on the go snacking or refueling. The portal nature of our high protein snacks makes them great for mid-day snacks, lunch-breaks, lunchboxes, hike snacks, gym goers and more!
  • GREAT TASTING BLUEBERRY NUT FLAVOR: Our Blueberry Nut JiMMY! Keto Protein bar is one of our best selling flavors. It delivers functional benefits like energy from protein. As well as promoting performance with 9g of protein. JiMMY! Keto Protein bars taste amazing as well! Do not sacrifice on taste with other protein bars!

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