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The Immensely Fruity, Intensely Chewy Candy from Japan!


What's so great about HI-CHEW? Is it all of the fresh fruit flavors? The smooth chewy texture? The international community of HI-CHEW fans? Come see, and taste, for yourself.


From the minute you unwrap a HI-CHEW to the very last bite, the aromas of true-to-life fruit flavors are yours to enjoy. With our unique double layer, mouthwatering flavor is released as you chew for a long-lasting Immensely Fruity Intensely Chewy experience.


HI-CHEW is individually wrapped and made for sharing to instantly create everyday happiness for you and the people around you. With HI-CHEW, every chew brings flavor to life!


HI-CHEW is available in a variety of true-to-life fruit flavors. HI-CHEW is gluten-free, made with natural and artificial fruit flavors, and no colors from synthetic sources. HI-CHEW is manufactured in North Carolina, Taiwan, and China.

Available in a Variety of Snackable Sizes!


Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? HI-CHEW Sticks come in a variety of immensely fruity flavors that easily fit in your pocket or purse and are perfect for on-the-go! With 10 individually wrapped pieces per stick, we've got CHEW and your cravings covered!

Peg Bag

HI-CHEW Peg Bags are best for snacking on a variety of flavors and even sharing among friends! Whether you're trying something new or looking to switch things up, we're sure our intensely chewy mixes will leave you satisfied.

Stand Up Pouch

HI-CHEW offers even more unique flavor mixes exclusively sold in Stand Up Pouch form! Individually wrapped and exploding with flavor, HI-CHEW Stand-Up Pouches are perfect for a true fanatics to take anywhere they go. Which Stand Up Pouch would you CHEWS?
  • HI-CHEW Grape sticks make a perfect "pick-me-up" snack for on the go or at home
  • Richness in aroma and taste to the candy
  • Made with real fruit juice
  • Gluten Free

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