Joint Juice Glucosamine and Chondroitin Supplement Drink Cranberry Pomegranate 8-Ounce 32-Count

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Forget those hard-to-digest pills and pour a cool glass of joint juice supplement drink. we've packed chondroitin, vitamins d3 and c, green tea extract antioxidants and a full 1,500 mg of glucosamine into this 8-ounce ready to drink supplement. whether you're a gardener or a marathoner, your joints will love this. originally developed for pro athletes by orthopedic surgeon kevin r. stone, m.d., joint juice combines glucosamine and chondroitin with vitamin D3 and antioxidants. a bottle a day keeps your joints in play.
  • Proud Sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation
  • A full day's supply of glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Drink daily for healthy, flexible joints
  • New and Improved

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