Juicy Drop Sweet & Sour Candy in Assorted Fruity Flavors

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Juicy Drop Re-Mix is a deliciously chewy candy experience that allows kids to get both sweet and sour treats in one this summer season! With a fun dual compartment container, kids can slide their Re-Mix dispenser to the left for sweet, and to the right for sour, then combine to make their perfect mix of sweet and sour. With 8 containers full of mouth-watering sweet and sour chewy candy in assorted fruity flavors, these candy treats are ideal for hiding for scavenger hunts, using as additions to summer birthday party favors, or snacks for a road trip. These shelf-stable candies are great for any kid who wants to have the perfect sweet and sour experience. The Juicy Drop Re-Mix takes sweet and sour candy flavors that kids love this summer. With a twistable dispenser for their choice of tasty sweet or sour, kids can combine to create their treat just the way they want, whether it’s during a summer birthday party, special gathering, or pool party. Kids get the opportunity to control their perfect amount of sweet and sour candy mix by twisting the dispenser left and right for as many sweet and sour chewy candies as they want! Juicy Drop Re-Mix is the perfect chewy candy for any occasion and makes mouthwateringly fun fillers for a summer birthday favor candy bag or beach or pool snacks. Brighten up your upcoming summer solstice party or a special gathering with this sweet and sour candy! Each candy box includes 8 Juicy Drop Re-Mix dispensers in 3 assorted fruity flavors of classic mouthwatering favorites - 3 Knock-Out Punch, 2 Blue Rebel, and 3 Wild Cherry Berry. Kids are always on the go, so this perfect candy gift of delicious flavors kids love is super convenient for enjoying some chewy candy at home, or during a summer or kids birthday party. This deliciously soft treat is great for kids' snacks, pantry items, or to pack for your kid’s summer camp care package! Our candy mix is shelf-stable and long-lasting. Disclaimer: Not for children 3 and under.
  • SWEET & SOUR SUMMER CHEWY CANDY: Juicy Drop Re-Mix is a delicious 2-in-1 sweet and sour chewy candy experience, in a dual-compartment twisting container.
  • DELICIOUS SUMMER CANDY: Enjoy the perfect mix of sweet and sour with Juicy Drop Re-mix anywhere this summer! The portable dispensers are sized so kids can easily take them on the go! They just swing their Juicy Drop Re-Mix dispenser to the left for sweet, and to the right for sour!
  • ASSORTED GUMMY CHEWY CANDY FLAVORS: Each Juicy Drop Re-Mix dispenser contains an assortment of chewy candies in a selection of 3 mouth-watering fruity flavors: 3 Knock-Out Punch, 2 Blue Rebel, and 3 Wild Cherry Berry.
  • FUN CANDY SNACKS FOR KIDS: Juicy Drop Re-mix gives kids the opportunity to have things their way!
  • SHELF-STABLE PARTY TREATS: The Juicy Drop Re-mix makes a great pantry item so everyone can enjoy creating their ultimate customizable sweet and sour experience!

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