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Lulú Lemon Plantain Chips

We believe that The creator of the universe has been fair with every territory here on earth. Our land is favored with large plantain crops of great quality and a delicious flavor. Our company has developed a crop transformation to the best plantain chips, producing a variety of flavors for all types of taste buds.

Since 2005, there are thousands of families who receive daily sustenance through our Plantain chip production plant. We, as founders of this authentic product, feel very grateful towards God, our clients and co-workers for all the support Lulu Plantain Chips has received over the years!

LULU Plantain chips

  • GOOD FOR THE PLANET: Our plantain chips turn ugly fruit into tasty snacks! We source imperfect fruit that tastes delicious in order to divert perfectly good produce away from landfills and into your pantry! This 30 pack of chips of Lulu lemon plantain chip are Delicious alone or with your favorite dip!
  • A DELICIOUS SNACK: lulu plantain chips taste just like regular chips; you will not believe they are made with green platain. Go ahead and open the bags, let their irresistible flavor hook you from the first bite.
  • HAND SELECTED: Our succulent fruits and roots are harvested and selected by hand for perfect texture and maturity. These delightful all natural ingredients are gently fried into golden chips, each one delicately seasoned with natural flavors to produce an irresistible experience.
  • ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS: Green plantain, Vegetable Oil and Lemon Flavor.
  • ALLERGY SAFE: Gluten free, Non-GMO Project Verified and OU Certified Kosher. No wheat products, tree nuts, or peanuts enter our production facility. Our allergy-friendly sweet plantain chips are ideal for on-the-go and school snacks!

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