Tide HE Ultra Oxi Powder Laundry Detergent, Original, 250 Ounce

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Tide HE Ultra Oxi Laundry Detergent concentrated powder - use 1/3 less.
  • Removes Stubborn Stains: This concentrated powder provides powerful cleaning to instantly remove even the toughest of stains. The concentrated powder formula packs a powerful punch in just 1/3 of the size, meaning you can get the same results with smaller loads
  • Ultimate Whitening Agents: Using Tide HE Ultra Oxi Laundry Detergent powder is the best way to brighten and whiten your clothes. This laundry powder contains advanced whitening agents that leave your clothes looking fabulously clean and perfectly white
  • Ultra-concentrated Formula: Advanced ultra-concentrated formula allows you to use 1/3 less with every load, saving time, money, and energy. Perfect for families with busy lifestyles that don’t have time to waste on mammoth loads
  • Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic and free of additives, this Tide HE Ultra Oxi Laundry Detergent powder is gentle on sensitive skin and suitable for those who suffer from allergies and skin sensitivity
  • Rainfresh Clean: This laundry powder smells great. The rainfresh scent not only leaves your clothes super clean and fresh, but the aroma will linger in your clothes for days after, leaving them smelling fabulous.

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